(Review) The Year End – All At Once

All At Once is the latest EP after five years of releases from Wilmington band The Year End. Their alternative sound ties together math rock and post-hardcore with pop sensibilities.

The title track begins with a charged build up into dreamy reverb guitar and a staggered drumbeat. The understated vocals in the verses are the polar opposite of the energetic hooks in the chorus. A poppy indie song with plenty of mathy leads.

“Lie” kicks right in with a strength that is fast and concise. It’s great to hear the recorded version shine so much as it seems like it would be quite a well-received live song. From the bridge on the track features an impressive dive into the band’s post-hardcore sound.

“Love Letter” ends the EP on a high note. Surprisingly dancey in its intro, the feeling quickly shifts into a hopeful melancholic vibe. The five minute seventeen second long piece finds ways to keep the listener engaged in its many changes.

Author: whatisfrederick

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