(Review) Noise Plant – Neutral Gray

One of the youngest Delaware DIY bands, Noise Plant, has released their first collection of studio songs. I had really only known about Noise Plant through word of mouth about their live shows. The band garnered interesting feedback – some shows better than others – but this is to be expected from an evolving band.

Their EP is called Neutral Gray and features four powerful tracks that all end in less than eleven minutes total. 

The opening track “boys with nicotine addictions” smacks into a sudden start with great emo punk energy. Moody vocals guide the song along with fun lead guitar that embraces indie rock with a mathy spin. 

“the otherside” is probably my favorite from the EP and the strongest song on the release. There’s a melodic and infectious vocal hook that drives a more poppy sensibility while the power pop arrangement shines.

The closing/title track “neutral gray” was the correct choice for the band to end on. Its sound fits with the rest of the songs but also has a feeling of where the band could end up. In a sense it has the right mixture of what the other songs showcased individually; just top it all off with painfully well executed angst and longing.

Neutral Gray as a whole is surely a good first impression of what Noise Plant has to offer.

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