Grace Vonderkuhn, RNGLEADER & screamcloud @ Jackson Inn (9/26/20)

This outdoor show was across from a graveyard at the very cool Jackson Inn (neon sign and all) cheap drinks and great original music brought out quite a supportive and lively crowd.

Screamcloud – A Philly band with a variety of the wildest bass tones; distorted to jangly and a sound I’ve never heard before in my life. Baritone guitar keeps the gloomy attitude with a fierce upbeat angst from two female vocals and the perfect amount of whine. The band propels to noisy sonic highs when jams break out. 

RNGLEADER – Synthesizer and drum machine sounds mix with dialogue samples top a new wave feel and indie rock structures. Their polished live sound somehow maintains a rawness with drawn out and emotionally honest vocals. The bass seamlessly hops and carries every song to a very unexpected destination.

Grace Vonderkuhn – I first saw Grace Vonderkuhn in Frederick, MD (2018), and I was very excited to see them for the first time after moving to DE. Energetic and driving indie rock with great vocals and powerful harmonies leads the sound. Complex bass drives while reverb induced guitar adds extra depth to these catchy songs. One song launched right into another and kept the energy flowing the whole set.

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