Hot Jam @ Dew Point Brewing Co. Feat. Earth Radio, The Psychedelic Puppets, Mega 9/19/20

Dew Point Brewing Co. hosted a great annual outdoor event called Hot Jam. The event featured original music as well as tributes/covers to Live Aid performances on its 35 year anniversary. The all day lineup was an eclectic mix of groups from many genres and sounds. Here’s a review from the music I was able to see.

Earth Radio – Self-described as a high energy, USDA certified, organic grass-fed, cage free, Delaware bred Indie Folk band; Earth Radio provides hoppy basslines, jaunty guitar and heavy hitting drums to electrify their live sound; they also adapt between singers of different styles. A surprising take of The Beach Boys’ “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” was the group’s Live Aid cover and was thoroughly enjoyed by the audience.

The Psychedelic Puppets – A band that gels perfectly in a soulful rock blend. Tasteful guitars provide every good tone, the bass drives things along and drums pound deep. Rock with lots of classic influences and intensified energy in choruses that are addicting to sing along to. The Psychedelic Puppets had the ambition to cover Queen’s iconic Live Aid set in full. A groovy and fun frontman emulated Freddie Mercury’s stage moves to a T and gave the audience some great singalongs.

Mega – Prog rock with funky instrumental breakdowns and light vocals. The band eased into the set dynamically with low volume and guitar delay that set a calm tone; Simple bass and guitar kept a consistent and steady flow up until full blown jams broke out.

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