(Review) NO SIR E – Godhand

Delaware Experimental Hip Hop outfit NO SIR E just released a single/music video that’s apparently been four years in the making. NO SIR E’s releases on bandcamp date all the way back to 2010 so I’m excited to dive into the work of an experienced musician.

[The song starts with ambient sound samples that set a very somber tone from the beginning. An evident build is established and leads to heavier drum sounds and a vocals with increasing passion. This all comes tumbling into an end where a delicately beautiful piano piece resolves the charged emotion.

The filmography, by @cottonbro on instagram, showcases a diverse group of people all seeming to express themselves in a variety of ways; The setting switches from beautifully shot nature scenes, a minimalist apartment and a whole wall of TVs displaying static. The visuals do a brilliant job of enhancing the music, especially the ending where a tunnel shot fades into a very poignant facial expression.

NO SIR E’s work here displays artistic and musical expression at its finest. The hard work ethic and perfectionist mentality over the past few years created a song that is inevitably astonishing, unique and of the utmost quality.]

Author: whatisfrederick

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