First Live Show Since March! @ Delaware Art Museum Sculpture Garden

So my move to Delaware didn’t happen until the weekend following this show, but because I was able to move some stuff beforehand I found myself in the area. Interestingly enough, Hoochi Coochi was playing outdoors for free in the sculpture garden at the Delaware Art Museum in Wilmington.

Keep in mind, this is the first show I have seen since March 10th in DC (and that was indoors). I was psyched to experience live music again but also very cautious.

Upon arriving, it was very clear everyone was abiding by social distancing guidelines. Lawn chairs, blankets, etc. were spread out across the space. Since it was a free event, you could walk straight from the parking lot to your choice grass patch without any interactions! Some food and drinks were sold towards the buildings entrance with plenty of room to roam. This area will be great for events up until the weather gets colder and hopefully is still not as crowded.

Hoochi Coochi laid down their soulful funky tunes at a very laid back volume. Their performance was very focused on adapting to the energy of the outdoor setting. Singer Danielle Johnson made sure the audience enjoyed themselves as much as possible while they clapped along, danced, and even hula hooped. Johnson also took everyone in attendance into a different mindset as they spoke strictly with positivity, danced throughout the whole set and never once mentioned the…you know…”thing” that’s going on right now by name.

There aren’t too many outdoor music events going on at the moment (safe and affordable ones at least) but I promise if you go looking you might be pleasantly surprised (and surrounded by art)! You can enjoy Hoochi Coochi’s full set on the Delaware Art Museum’s youtube channel.

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