(Review) Hive Mind – Hive Mind EP

I had the privilege of seeing Hive Mind live once at a Rainbow Records benefit show (watch here) – their sound translates greatly into live performances, and I’m glad i was able to have an unbiased experience listening to them to the first time live before hearing any studio tracks. In April, Hive Mind released a three song EP that showcases what they call “Twinkly emofunk” – This is an intriguing mix that deserves a detailed dive into each track.

Subject to Change – Chimey single guitar notes, melodic bass and mathy drumbeats create an emo dreamscape. The song seemed a little bit stretched out, however the slightly buried slacker vocals in the verses quickly changed into a more charged chorus which carried the song along. “Is this what I’ve been waiting for? Don’t know who I am anymore”

Printer Paper – An impeccable bassline launches into a high energy yelling vocal. The lyrics reflect the singing tone as most of the song discusses the uncertainty of decisions, but ultimately trusting where life will take you: “I can’t see where this is going, Just have to trust directions, I don’t know – Look around and see, It’s right in front of me, Look around and see it’s all in harmony”

Bedroom Carpet – A phenomenal bright and free-form bass style leads while airy guitar dashed with reverb is drizzled throughout; this along with dynamically precise drumming, make the instrumental closer quite a dazzling way to top off the EP.

This EP is an easy listen and breezes by each time you start it over. It has a wide range of rocking sounds, but ultimately ends on a soft note, which makes Hive Mind all the more interesting.

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