(Review) Hoochi Coochi – Walkin’

Hoochi Coochi‘s video for “Walkin'” came out this morning… and you need to watch it IMMEDIATELY.

Hoochi Coochi is a Wilmington-area group that self-proclaims the genre combination of FUNKY-SOUL-BLUES. This mix of styles isn’t difficult to achieve, but it is hard to make your own after many classic artists have done it before; however, Hoochi Coochi puts a modern spin on these long-lasting sounds through admiration for the past and an added twist through their unique personalities.

“Walkin'” came out as a single a little over a year ago, but the band brought back the song to make a video that’s as powerful as the music behind it. The visuals start with an aerial shot that floats down to reveal an appropriately giant Black Lives Matter sign, and it sets the tone immediately.

Danielle, the group’s lead singer, is prominently featured charging the streets confidently in front of black owned businesses. Dancing ensues as you hear the 60’s inspired instrumental with a clean vibrato guitar sound, light and steady drumming, and a solid bass line. The highlight of the song for me is the thick Rhodes-style keyboard sound which shines in the bridge; the sound is often imitated but never matched, however Hoochi Coochi has mastered the feel and groove of it all while still paving the way in a new direction.

The song’s is lyrically driven with the visuals matching messages of peace and unity in a time where division needs to be challenged. Images of many important leaders in the civil rights movement, and others whose beliefs were aligned within it are shown throughout the video: MLK, Malcolm X, Bob Marley and more. Protest videos from the last few months are shown as well during heartfelt/jamming key and guitar solos.

Normally, the song’s power and positive message would be enough to listen to it over and over but the catchy chorus will make you want to shout it along with the band (see the below live video *AT THE TEMPLE IN NEWARK!*). At the point where the bass and guitar stop just before the chorus, the solo drums, along with audience hand clapping, create an undeniable and contagious energy.

This is a band I cant wait to be able to witness live, and I’m so excited to see what they put out next.

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