(Review) Grant Claytor – House On The Hill

Grant Claytor is no stranger to the Newark DIY scene. With somewhat of a DIY cult following, before I visited the Delaware area I had somehow already pieced together an idea of who Claytor was, and I was intrigued. I was looking forward to getting a glimpse at his summer endeavors in his new single and video titled, “House on the Hill”. With my relocating/writing about the Newark, DE scene I was excited to dive into the music behind the person. 

The song starts with a nice tremolo guitar sound that paves way into an almost Phil Collins’ like drum machine at double speed. A more conventional beat kicks in but it doesn’t make the song any less intuitive. Reverby guitar chords are strummed and a bouncy lead riff catapults this indie dream, throughout the course of the video.

Lo-fi perfection ensues along with throwback style influences, with fantastic video production by Xander Opiyo. The genuine fun the band is having is reflected in their ultimate silliness; their sense of style (a bud light shirt or a pink wig), sunglasses being worn by a living bag of Takis and shenanigans with friends that are all in very scenic and beautiful outdoor locations. 

Clocking in at two minutes and twenty-nine seconds, this song is perfect for constant summer repeat. Electronic drum sounds/percussion additives are a standout for me; I don’t often hear them being used in a way I admire, but this song manages to surprise me with the depth I feel in its production. Interesting transitions make the song a remarkable listen along with a great singing voice, a poppy/catchy undersung hook and very dreamy backing sounds. Scratchy lead guitar charges until the song’s end where it seemingly disintegrates with no warning.

After hearing the progression Grant Claytor has made with this release, I am excited for the live potential/energy of the music and crowd whenever I’m able to see him in concert again.

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