Ibiza Cafe – Frederick’s Newest Hidden Gem

On a fine Frederick afternoon I happened to be in town with my GF when we saw the sign for Ibiza Cafe‘s first day open.

Ibiza Cafe touts itself on facebook as “A unique coffee shop in Frederick with a variety of single origin coffee supplemented with tasteful hot teas.” – What this bio can’t possibly include is the sheer care the employees put into making your experience a memorable one – some other points are definitely the crazy drink making machines you see while inside the cafe that are clearly top tier. The bio also doesn’t mention the cold drink options, which are what I feel to be the most unique.

Upon stopping in you are greeted by the most kind and diverse staff you could ever want. On top of that, everything is being cleaned regularly.

The menu is full of so many delicious drinks you would be hard pressed to find the quality of anywhere else in Frederick. I decide on a Mango Assam which turns out to be one of the most mind blowing experiences. We come back quickly a few days later for the other drinks we had our eyes on… let’s just say this is a dangerous place, because you’ll be back.

Aside from the food/drink, the location is off the beaten path, has wonderful indoor and outdoor seating and clearly the intention of the business is to keep customers thrilled. Make it out to Ibiza!

Author: whatisfrederick

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