Goodbye, Frederick

Dear Frederick, there is so much I have loved about my first twenty three years of life in your presence, but you’re bringing me down.

Unique businesses in the downtown area have always had my heart. The record stores were some of the most important places in learning what I wanted to do with my life. Long walks in Baker Park were a constant throughout a variety of times, some very emotional; The scenic nature around the area is often astonishing.

It took me a while to find the people (artists, musicians, local business owners) who made me feel thankful to call the area my home. When I did find these people, I clung to them every second I had away from working in a restaurant job – One I had from the age of 17 till now.

The top priority in my life has always been music. Concerts I’ve had the privilege to play/see here are fond memories and unforgettable: Rozwell Kid playing a packed house show, any Guido’s backroom experience, The Squat, Slayground, 200 East….. The thing you may notice is how many of these places have gone away, leaving nothing in return or anything new developing in the ashes.

Everything in my life clicked for me when I met my amazing girlfriend, Isabella. To see her I had to make weekend trips to Newark, Delaware, that I cherished every minute of and looked forward to oh so much. Upon arriving I found a community of bustling late-night college town businesses that floored me – a pizza at 3 AM! It was also exciting being so much closer to Philadelphia and New York. The thing that topped it all though was the community I met at the house shows.

My first experience was at an amazing house called The Temple. The music I heard that night was an insanely interesting mix of genres (and bands coming in from Philly) that had an energy to them I had never experienced before. Next, I experienced an in-store performance at a record store; a band called Kobika who I instantly fell in love with; I was so floored with their sound that drew from some of my favorite DC bands like Fugazi and Faraquet. I met amazing people, including Staci and Diego who both respectively created a long-running zine called Disturbance and an indie record label called Impetus. On top of all this I experienced a show at a different house called House of Mouse. Each show was seemingly more attended than the last and happening weekly. 

Now, how could all this exist? I was used to lack-luster energy from Frederick crowds and minimal turnout. I drove two hours away and found myself in musical heaven – a self-sustaining scene that was more supportive and living in harmony together, unlike the band cliques I had seen in Frederick.

So, what now? I plan on writing when I move to Delaware about so many new bands and places, I hope you’ll continue to join me on this site along the way. I leave you with a catalog of many articles, videos, pictures and write-ups of a Frederick scene I put my heart and soul into. That will always be online, unlike what happened to Frederick Playlist. I’ll be checking in on the scene, of course, and maybe even jumping on drums in the area a time or two. Until then, I hope each one of you reading this that still cares about music/art in Frederick makes me proud the next time I ask, “What is Frederick?”

Here’s to writing/living in Delaware, Philadelphia and beyond – And here’s to living my best life in an ever growing happiness.


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