(Review) Mr. Monday – And It’s Mean, Mean, Mean

Mr. Monday is a former Frederick musician now located in Tucson, AZ. His new album, “And It’s Mean, Mean, Mean” (Mr. Monday’s largest collection of songs thus far) came out on April 17th.

Mr. Monday’s sound is influenced by many alternative genres such as experimental pop, indie, synth pop and new wave.

I reviewed two songs from the new album below.

Listen here: https://mrmonday.bandcamp.com/album/and-its-mean-mean-mean

And It’s Mean, Mean, Mean – The album opener starts with an amazing wide array of various synth sounds and a powerful backline of percussion. The bassline propels the lyrical tagline “And it’s mean, mean, mean before the first “chorus-like section”; This section consists of an instrumental section where the melody is portrayed by a simplistic but elegant piano part – the lyrical tagline then joins this section the third time it is played (towards the end) and the song completes as it all comes together seamlessly.

New Things – This could have easily been an 80s new wave dance club hit. The music video that accompanies the song is one of the most joyous watches I’ve experienced in a long time. The spacious synth sounds are reminiscent of The Human League and the vocals could be compared to a combo of new wave or indie singers. Comparisons don’t live on long though once you realize the sheer value of Mr. Monday’s creative output; The result is a unique twist on familiar subgenres from the electronic decade long gone but one that also explores new possibilities within its influence.

This album is an incredible example of breaking away from electronic music that has no soul. The music Mr. Monday is able to produce is nothing short of the most interesting, dancey, and unconventional indie you’ll find; it far exceeds the music of other acts trying to do something like it. Do yourself a favor and get lost in the dreamy reverb bassline that drives “What Do They Look Like” or the revolving key parts throughout the entirety of the two minutes and forty-five seconds that is “Things To Listen To. You’ll be thanking me.

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