Redd Alexander – Songs of Petrichor (Review)

Redd Alexander is releasing a second album titled “Songs of Petrichor” on February 29th. The sound is acoustic singer-songwriter with americana, country and folk influences.

Alexander’s first album is also available on bandcamp and has quite an incredible concept as it was recorded live on the Potomac River. It’s a must for you lo-fi lovers.

Listen here:

I reviewed select tracks from the album below.

“Petrichor”- The tile track shines beautifully through a silky acoustic guitar picked with elegance. An honest and fragile voice cuts through as the instrumental continuously builds. Lyrics flow on like a poet with an incredible musical ear. “The coffee helps sweep away the fog – Like her memories fill those bottles on the floor and how the gloom always reeks of petrichor” A standout single with all the possible elements you could want from an americana/folk/country blend.

“Bluebells & Marigolds” – Gliding on with a mandolin and acoustic guitar, lyrics of self-reflection are sung honestly with little hints of harmonies that are perfectly placed. A magnificent chorus has the utmost beauty through a catchy visual: “The road up ahead, there’s a place I know where the bluebells and marigolds grow.”

“Afterglow” – This one has some of the coolest lyrics I’ve heard in awhile: “I’ve been staring at the clock on the wall for an for an hour and I swear it ain’t moved – Phone lights up at a window in the dark and I already know it’s you”. The slower tune rides on with spacious guitar and a rad electric guitar part that consists of single notes in the exact places they need to be to match the flow of the vocals. A drum rimshot picks up the speed/energy and by the halfway point the song has only begun to build as a wonderful instrumental bridge comes along. The song wraps up as a lyric with the title within it concludes the ballad “I said now baby, don’t you worry I’ll be gone with the afterglow.”

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