The Beau Ferndale Project Review

Beau Ferndale is a new Frederick musician. His solo music has a folksy/alt-country feel to it and can be heard/found at

I reviewed two of Ferndale’s tracks, “Man in the Shadow” and “Blooming on Graves” and you can find my words below.

“Man in the Shadow” – Ferndale has the following description for this track on his site: “This was written with a friend.  It’s a song with two stories combining. I had lyrics for the maid in white, but needed the man in the shadow to make it complete.”

Slow acoustic guitar strums along with depth from overdubbed tracks that create an open feeling. A husky verse vocal goes along with raw emotion and power that can’t be underestimated. Light tambourine playing is almost lost in the mix as the voice gets more ragged and charged.  The chorus is lighter vocally (with some harmonies way in the back of the mix)and resolves into what is easily the highlight of the song; “Some say, she’s a maid in white” The track clocks in at 6:56 and definitely feels like a short story.

“Blooming on Graves” – Ferndale describes this track as a redemption song. It all begins with the introspective line, “What if our soul had a voice and called out our names?”. More questions are posed as upbeat and hopeful guitar skips along through a great chord progression and some subtle lead parts. The folk/country influences all shine in their own distinct ways as the music comes together.

Ferndale was previously in a band called Buffalo 40 (

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