New Mr. Husband Album Out 4/20

The first single of the album, “Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Hoping” is out now!

Mr. Husband is continually one of the most fascinating musicians/performers in Frederick. His new album “Songs of Friendship, Songs of Wonderment” comes out April 20th. Kinny continues on the path he so frequently references live – the feeling of connecting through music and being transported to what is being called the 4th dimension portal this time around. It’s a concoction of the most interesting press release formats you could possibly want on

You can choose between the following info delivery formats”

– a Podcast

– an ASMR Video

– a Beyonce-Type Artsy Thing

– Avacado Toast

– a PDF file

The email I got even included some hilarious testimonials:

It got to the point where every time a friend emailed me about their new album I would start convulsing and then throw up everywhere and then days later would wake up confused and angry. That seemed a little extreme and maybe it was an issue with my medication but still,,,, Kinny.Org really helped.”

-David Fricke Rolling Stone

“This really engaged my interest even though I am typically not very interested in anything”

-Matt Tabbi, Malcom Gladwell, and Joe Rogan all simultaneously

Mr. Husband continues to make the entire process of his music from beginning to end absolutely gripping and fun.

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