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Witch Weather is an indie rock/post punk band with Frederick natives that are now based in York College, PA. The group’s influences include Hum, Cap’n Jazz and Liz Phair (the latter who I’ve had the privilege of seeing recently). Their sound aligns a good bit with my music taste, no doubt.

Their new single is out today – The two songs released are titled “Spirit Box” and “MMV”. Below you will find a review of the tracks as well as links where you can listen.

Listen Here

“Spirit Box” – The track starts off with a bang; a syncopated one with a lot power through the distortion loaded guitar, straightforward bass and a great backbeat. When the singing kicks in you definitely get all of the great 90s angst as well as that classic emo sound/low register tone that leads at the same volume as the instruments (mixed superbly). The “I don’t mind” vocal sections are catchy and have great punky harmonies. The bridge starts with a bopping riff and then leads into a fascinating instrumental build – this all ends in a stop right before the last sixty seconds repeat earlier sections. The song does not feel like nearly five minutes AT ALL; it’s right up there with some of my favorite bands that definitely inspire them.

“MMV” – The solid groove within the synchronized intro riff is rad. The production perfectly captures that 90s nostalgia while also adding some new spins. The chorus gives off a cult-classic reaction that ends with thewords “nothing is for real”. The verses have a very distinct Local H vibe that I’m in love with. This song will no doubt have me breaking out my guitar tonight. Favorite line: “Left to drown in my imagination”

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