Mishima/Motel Portrait @ Knight Castle – February 1, 2020

So what was originally scheduled to be a show at the eagles club consisting of Sprouts, Mishima and Motel Portrait ended up being a house show with Sprouts removed. The show was moved because the eagles club voted NO MORE ALL AGES SHOWS two days before the event was to take place. I’m working out a rant for an upcoming post, but for now just sense the bitter disappointment in yet another all ages space turning into 21+.

Mishima – Powerful hardcore with lots of chunking riffs full of fuzz and pounding drums. Insanely fierce female yelling with bits of distortion pushes directly into punk/metal edginess. The band’s energy has any possible crowd throwing themselves into one another. A concise sound that develops into the most intense driving force imaginable.

Motel Portrait – Fast and ferocious punk with mostly unintelligible screams over a mishmash of aggressive and disjointed powerchords and drums that lead everything slightly ahead of the bit. Superb crunchy bass tone in the front of the mix of sounds makes for an excellent flow. A lively Joyce Manor cover adds a fun dimension and adds to the overall feel of the set. It’s surprising if any songs last longer than a minute or two, the maximal effort given results in the most “fuck you this is punk rock” attitude you can possibly achieve. 

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