Frederick Folly – Serendipity Struggles, Eagles Club Done With All Ages Shows (For Now)

Ok, Frederick… here are two instances of disappointing things (the first being something that may happen and the second being something that already did).

First off, Serendipity Market is facing possible eviction in a week’s time (see the facebook post above). The space is kindly asking for donations from those who have ever supported the establishment. The possible closing would be a massive blow to the community not only in the form of its coffee and food but also its continual support of showcasing artists and musicians through its Friday open mic night! Really it doesn’t get more charming or pleasant than Serendipity and the atmosphere it contains, so please consider donating if you can.

Second… here goes… I really don’t know how to channel this frustration in a very positive way. I try to focus on the bright side. The Frederick Eagles Club has been hosting free all ages shows for a little while now. A show was supposed to happen there this past Saturday with a lineup of Sprouts, Mishima and Motel Portrait. The issue came when Eagles Club board members voted two days before the show that they will no longer host all ages shows (for now). Although it may not be the responsibility of the eagles club to carry out these all ages shows for a number of reasons, it’s a huge blow for the young music community once again.

I’m out of words to try and express the frustration of so many younger musicians/artists who seemingly only ever have a space to play for a very limited amount of time. Sure, some breweries and other places will be throwing shows with the recently passed entertainment ordinance, but the issue is that even the ones that will host all ages probably won’t book bands unless they fit a very particular formatted sound (typically an uninteresting one). Again we stand at an impasse in the seemingly always hurting Frederick music/arts scene and community. I hope that like me, anyone out there with the love for music/arts will continue to support each other and find the necessary avenues/outlets to make everything more tolerable.

As always, thanks for reading. Never stop doing what you believe in.

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