Hucklebuck @ Smoketown Creekside – January 25, 2020

Smoketown Creekside – The big news here is another brewery music spot that will allow all ages in Frederick. The place was packed all night long and though the acoustics aren’t the best (the usual in these brewery settings with metal/brick) the space really shines with the current sound setup. The crowd seemed into the music and participated/engaged throughout the live performance. Overall, Smoketown has great vibes, a cool feel/layout and is in a great location.

Hucklebuck – Classic rock n roll with 50s/60s vibes and some country-fied spins. Two distinct vocalists switch off songs and give off very different energies (some tunes more upbeat jangly rock and others more twangy). A telecaster brings forth a clean/wide open sound, precision bass keeps the dynamics flowing, the drums swing, stay driving and bring force exaclty when they need to and an acoustic guitar tops it all off to create a more than lively/full sounding band.


Author: whatisfrederick

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