Crooked Hills/Marshal Fuzz/Weed Coughin @ Olde Towne Tavern (Casey Nies Benefit) – January 23, 2020

Every now and then an incredible lineup of bands show up to support a great cause. January 23rd’s OTT show was under emotional circumstances as it was a benefit show for Casey Nies, who recently passed away. Casey was a big supporter of the music scene and close with all the bands that showed up to raise money/show their support for their fallen friend. The attendance and energy throughout the night was something special. One of the most touching moments was when Weed Coughin offered a song dedication to Nies; one they had written about him. Shows like these remind me of how close knit and caring the Frederick music scene can be towards one another.

Crooked Hills – Metal with high-pitched vocals and relentless riffs. The singer’s Iron Reagan shirt is only a reminder how well-versed and skilled this band is with a wide variety of heavy/metal subgenres.

Marshal FuzzGrungy rock with many unconventional tricks. Fierce guitar lies atop funky yet heavy bass and the most powerful and impressive violin playing adds a whole new dimension to the sound.

Weed Coughin – Stoner metal with a groove. Occasional yells/screams top the music but typically it’s just tight jams between just right distorted guitars with insanely good tone, bass with lots of attack and drums that charge into interesting and thoughtful fills. Sabbath covers are among the fun that puts this group into a band you’ll make sure to see again and again.

“This song is about our drummer who is a fucking idiot and was eating sprees at practice one day and choked. This song is called “Killing Spree”.


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