Antihero,Sunlit, Dosser & Flooring @ Knight Castle – January 4, 2020

Antihero – coming in with a cool and surprising persona; dressed in some battle gear that stood out with  shoulder pads that had spikes coming out of them. A viscous lyric flow runs through some sort of interesting microphone that had a duff beer can over it (probably homemade) and some voice altering effects that created and a deep and thick voice. The visuals contained a lot of color changing lo-fi clips. “Chew em up like hubba bubba” – typically in the case of a performance artist like this the music might lack but what antihero is doing is equally interesting in both the style of rap/effects being used and the way they present themselves on stage through the solid black futuristic war outfit with mask and all. Interesting dystopian-like dialogue is interspersed throughout the song breaks:”we now interrupt this show to bring you a message from our corporate sponsor”

Sunlit (First show!) -The first song is a heavy instrumental that has slight elements of emo and meaty riffs. The second sing brings in Ryan Knight on vocals and brings forward some angsty emotions and very honest feelings. The indie direction is very straightforward in song structure but always provides different sounds between the different singers and vocal pitches. Solid drumming, a very clean rhythmic guitar sound even with great straightforward OCD distortion and dynamic bass with a great tone. A band that shall be interesting to see progress. First show banter is always interesting –  The new songs all come through without a hitch even when Knight proclaims “oh God, this one” before starting the 4th song that is another steady headbanger. The most fascinating and unique song for me was in the last video clip you’ll see – the track has a little more of a mathy feel in the verses and a punky vibe in the chorus.

Dosser – Loud is the name of the game with this band. You can feel the music, whether it’s the pounding of the bass drum in your chest or the chunky bass and guitars which have a strangely amazing tone regardless of the effects being used. The buried vocals certainly have an emotional charge to them that feels neither unsatisfied or complacent. A powerhouse of a band that is thrusted forward to the furthest dimension in a brick wall of sound. Self describing themselves as new gaze, the mashing together of different genres is a crazy sound as the clean guitars with reverb are just as loud as the ones in super overdrive.

Flooring – Solid indie rock that prides itself on a clean oriented sound and maintaining a rocking volume and speed with ease. This is the most band-friendly setting I’ve gotten to see flooring in as the last time I saw them may have been at cafe 11:11. Everything bounces in each song as they move along. Singer and guitarist Abram Asher wears a Lilac Daze shirt that reminds me of Frederick’s impressive indie past (check out Lilac Daze here). A roaring singalong comes to action during one song and creates the best vibe/energy of the night.


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