(Review) Zachary J Savage – Hiya

Hiya (Listen Here) is an album from Zachary J Savage that was recently released on December 21st. Savage cited the album as one “which carries itself not based on any associations with specific genres but of an emotionally resonant yet experimental ethos and personal take on sound and lyricism.” I dove into my favorite tracks on the album and did a short review on each.

“Flowers on the Ground” – Acoustic guitar strummed steadily on a downbeat quickly launches into an expansive soundscape with vocals doused in reverb – a very cool lead guitar part comes in to transcend the song at the 38 second mark. It’s very much a journey with a destination as opposed to a song with a structure. “You and I’ve been rolling eyes at each other – You and I’ve done everything every hour”

“Baker Park” – A song that describes walking through Frederick’s own Baker Park. The five minute track begins with a finger-picked acoustic guitar part that glides and a softly sung and honest vocal: “Walking along Baker Park, everything’s amber then it gets dark – dogs whimper – i see my breath a couple times” Strange but radiant key parts lead the song into a beautiful section that romanticizes a day without plans or obligations: “I’ve got nothing to do today but walk” The track surprisingly keeps you gripped on the description of a walk, mainly with the psychedelic divisions in the song. 

“Detrimental” – The fields of depth in this number build slowly but the song itself passes by quickly, much like a breeze of wind. The acapella roominess that happens at 1:42 creates a distant vibe of a mountain-like echo. The powerful vocal chant “I’ve gone away – I’m sorry” is filled with feeling and is reminiscent of a Radiohead/Thom Yorke style that eventually converges into a mishmash of different sounds that leave you in wonderment.

Hiya is Savage discovering a unique and interesting singer-songwriter style that brings in as many diverse musical genres as possible. Many people would put this music in an alternative category but it would be a true shame to lump so many elements heard into just one subgenre. One thing is for sure, headphones are a must when giving this album a shot.

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