(Review) snaLE – Bumps in the Night?

Bumps in the Night? Is the first solo release from Frederick area rapper snaLE. I reviewed the EP and each of its four individual tracks.

“Bumps in the Night? Pt. 1” – An ominous keyboard start eventually crashes into almost an MGMT-inspired psychedelic beat and instrumental – this all changes when the quick flow and snaLE’s deep voice create a funky vibe. The high-pitched vocal chorus (“If you love me then why didn’t you ask me to stay?”) along with the melody that follows it is super catchy and unconventional, especially from any area artist I have heard. A few of my favorite lines include: “Picturesque vacations just you and me – look at us now, living as people, stay tuned for the sequel”

“The Town Under the World” – The trancey vibe of this track’s instrumental is great. On another note, snaLE is unique in that all of his instrumentals sound phenomenal sonically. The one line chorus that repeats (Town that’s under the world” was to me reminiscent of a song like Kanye West’s “Well I Wonder” off of Graduation. The chorus dominates this song as it both starts and finishes it.

“Time Walks Out” – A bouncing bassline leads into an off-kilter drumbeat and a wild raspy vocal intro. The song that is by far the most different from the other three on the EP. A feature from Kennece the Menace seems to inspire snaLE to step outside the boundaries and push the number to its limits. 

“Bumps in the Night? Pt. 2” – Though it is part two, this track stands out on its own and feels disconnected from the rest, but in the best way possible. The emotional vocal and energy throughout make the song an obvious choice to close the EP. The subtle brilliance is by far snaLE’s voice cracks/inconsistencies that transport the listener directly into what he’s feeling. “I don’t know what I’d do without you”

The EP is a very interesting listen. Not at all a typical hip-hop release, especially in this day and age. 


Author: whatisfrederick

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