Silent Old Mtns. (Album Release) @ Olde Mother Brewing Co. – December 6, 2019

Each Mtns show always feels like a special occasion. The musical entity and the members within it all possess such a strong and moving power together. The crowd was strong and in massive numbers as always – new album with promising new sounds (

Silent Old Mtns always prove after witnessing their live music experience that you’ll find traces of magic moments; I have felt so many this year alone…. I’m grateful for their music’s endless feelings and how they somehow capture them. I can’t get enough of the band’s lively dynamic and I still always feel special when Sam shouts me out on stage along with everyone else who comes out to the shows. This is a band that is grateful for their fans and the opportunity to continue to play their one of a kind creations. This show more than ever I was people watching as the music flowed through each individual, especially those who were bobbing as the masterful and contagious percussion playing pushed the live sound further than most bands can ever achieve – seven members all contribute their most heartfelt musical parts to make something truly amazing that still hasn’t gotten any less euphoric after the amount of times I have seen them.


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