Sammie J @ Frederick Coffee Co. – December 6, 2019

Sammie J -An amazing voice full of depth and insane control with near perfect pitch on a wide range of notes.A very accessible acoustic singer-songwriter vibe leaning mostly towards a modern pop spin though elements of folk, soulfulness and even a Duffy or other early 2000s funk vocalist with a bouncy rhythm that still maintains a vocal full of power – fear not as each original is full of emotion and each song layout is interesting and impressive coming from a musician this young. A lively and packed coffee co gretted Sammie J which is typically rare for a music performance there. Each song has a very distinct positive energy and the amount of originals written shows the diversity Sammie J is trying within her guitar playing and is by far on par compared to most singers who also play an instrument. My biggest issue with coffee co music nights is the same as many other music hosting spaces, their inability to promote the shows online. You only ever find physicals posters in the space advertising bands or artists. 


Author: whatisfrederick

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