Little River Creek Police/Limousine Beach/Tuff Junior @ Cafe Nola – December 6, 2019

Little River Creek Police– self described as folk-punk, this trio delivers a punchy sound with bass and drums providing the kick and straight guitar chords with a lot of speed – top it all off with some unexpected harmonies that are perfectly aligned and everything has a bit of a vintage country feel. There’s more to this band than what you think at first listen. A fascinating bass part was a big highlight (see the second clip in the video or the felt out bass solo in the last clip!). Other fun comes in the varied effects used in the guitar solos. Typically a band like this can have trouble coming off as authentic but the genuine and emotional singing voices and tight instrumentals leave no question as to this band’s proficiency.

Limousine Beach – energetic heavy hitting classic rock with three guitars all interlocking for amazing leads, dynamic bass, hard drumming and a thick rock voice somewhere along the lines of thin lizzy… Add a heaping dose of cowbell and you have yourself some rock AND roll. “You ever had one of those days when you wanna justify ripping someone’s head off but then you find out lasagna is for lunch and everything is gonna be alright?”

Tuff Junior – garage style rock with a lot of retro influences. A fuzzy guitar tone meshes with heavy straightforward drums and crunchy basslines. Gritty dual vocals consistently keep the energy at its highest peak. Synchronized jam sections keep your head bobbing.


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