(EP Review) Jack Funk – It’s That Time

It’s That Time is Frederick Funk Rock/Jam band Jack Funk’s second EP. This EP brings forward the last work that guitarist Dan Gellerman played on before leaving Jack Funk to tour with Litz – A big congrats to him. Jack Funk’s first EP, Good for Your Soul came out in 2015 and I can assure you that the four year gap only strengthened them as a musical powerhouse. 

Below, I review the new EP track by track.

“It’s That Time” – An upbeat funk number dominated by a bouncing drum beat, dynamic and playful bass, clean rhythmic guitars and tasty lead parts that are sure to leave you stunned. The catchy vocal hook “It’s that time – It’s that time of the night y’all” and the lyric simplicity make for irresistibly dancey fun. The bridge comes later than expected but the jam that happens before the four minute mark makes you forget that the song clocks in at nearly six and a half minutes. Favorite Part: the guitar tone of the solo at 4:15

“Money Tree” – Thick singing and lively voice cracks push the song along in an almost 90s alt-rock tone. The jammy sections of this track often get into jazz fusion territory and I’m not complaining… especially when you get some energetic cowbell at 1:49 that propels the gliding guitar part and mathy bass. An oscillating tremolo guitar sound stands out in the solo and the bass even gets some love in a groovy atmosphere created by various light percussion instruments (maybe rain sticks, etc.)

“Jackalope” – This is by far the outlier of the three tracks from this EP. The intro of the song almost comes off as a straight up rock song from the solid tempo and drive but it quickly evolves into an almost jazzy feeling because of the spacey organic flow. The guitar, drum and bass break that comes at 0:51 is reminiscent of James Gang’s “Funk 49”. The most impressive thing is how many genres sneak their way into this song. Each jam continues to lead to something even more interesting and engaging – How each instrument culminates at 3:15 is this precisely and it’s also my favorite use of guitar effects I’ve heard in awhile. 

Overall the new Jack Funk EP shows the band’s undeniable obsession, passion and dedication to funk jams that will move you. 

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