One Year! [What is Frederick Reflection]


I never imagined how What is Frederick would end up… I started this last year feeling a little uninspired musically – losing the spark to play drums, guitar and sing. Going to shows became my obsession. It was just before the final installment of The Thing (Frederick’s extensive music festival) that the idea to do write-ups accompanied by videos and pictures came into my head. The first few posts started on a blogspot and were well-received. Between many amazing and diverse performances all day during The Thing and an unforgettable Guido’s show by a Philly performance art rock band called Evil Sword (of which Roy Ghim raved about and gave me the confidence to pursue more), I found the deepest desire to write, record video and take photos to get more people in the know about what was happening in Frederick music. 

I met so many people early on who had no clue where to look to find original music being made and played in Frederick. I worked on making an event calendar (something I need to get back on), a band database, a list of open mics… [I’m still trying to get more contributors!] Suddenly I felt very connected to a music scene that I never managed to break into before. Helping these bands with interviews, press quotes, live footage and whatever else I could think of became a priority – I managed to meet so many new friends and even got back into drumming where I’ve been able to play with some of the most amazingly talented and skilled human beings I’ve ever known. Life is looking up and I finally feel as if I have some sort of purpose and meaning within being myself and spreading my undying love for music of all genres! My aim from the beginning was to bring more exposure to as diverse of a musical range on the blog as possible. 

Shy, anxious, frustrated, unmotivated…. These are all words I used to associate with myself. I graduated high school very unsure of my future. The only thing I had was my musical identity and knowledge. A high school teacher by the name of Mr. Reickel was the one who started it all my freshman year. I wrote a long journal in his class about wanting to pursue music to the fullest extent of whatever capacity I could achieve. In his blue pen he wrote above my sentiments, “GO FOR IT!” This support was vital to me as well as the loving care and encouragement I got from my parents. Mr. Reickel brought back the journalism program to Walkersville High my junior year and he suggested I write about music. Suddenly I was able to interview some of my favorite musicians (such as Steve Whiteman from Kix and Max Collins from Eve 6) by just asking! Through my writing I gained support and appreciation from so many people I admire so greatly. I’d still like to get to know so many people better but I no longer feel that desperaste sense of longing and loneliness that I used to. The way the music and arts scene has embraced me and connected with each other has stunned me. I still feel like that kid who fell into this absolutely ravaging addiction to music and concerts. When people would say hi to me downtown like Sam Whalen (Silent Old Mtns./The Fun Boys), Joe Jalette (DoubleMotorcycle) and Ash Cheshire (Cheshi/Solo) or I’d get to jam with my idol Marshall Keith (The Slickee Boys) and bands like Marshal Fuzz and Dumb Valley, everything in my life felt like a fucking dream. 

I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to all the people who have supported the website, written a piece for the site, sent me music and treated me with the utmost kindness. This site is for you and I will continue to work my hardest on it. I hope you’ll continue to join me or submit a piece of your own. You’ll always have a place to publish, read, watch and listen.

Let’s talk music, get some coffee, jam or play some gigs/open mics together and support each other.

Rock on,

Declan Poehler

P.S. I’d love to know how this site has been a part of your life. Drop me a line at 🙂


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