Sunniva – Forest Fire (EP) Review


Forest Fire is Frederick band Sunniva’s third EP. The group describes themselves with a variety of genres such as alternative, indie, prog-rock, prog-soul and even psychedelic. Below you’ll find a track by track review of the four song EP.

“Breakfast Magic” – The song starts off with a soft and clean reverb laced Fender guitar sound as lead parts swoop in to make the track glide. Dynamic bass flows in the space between everything as the drums (Patrick Harman) lead with a proficiency and solid feel. The keys add to the insane depth of the wide sound the band got from recording and mastering this time around. The vocals are soulful and follow the volume dynamics of the song perfectly; laying back when the group does or putting everything into it when they’re grooving. The powerful chorus lyrics resonate deeply: “and I need just a touch more of your loving -and I’ll grow all the seeds that you planted well tomorrow – they will show.”

“Forest Fire” – The title track continues the prog-soul vibe, especially within the profound key sound (produced by Frederick extraordinaire Colin Shultzaberger), emulating the perfect Fender Rhodes tone. The verse and chorus vocals connect with transcendental “oohs” and “aahs” that find themselves laid over the song in beautiful fashion. This song in particular shows the growth Sunniva has gone through from the first two EPs and slight changes in direction. More than ever, Forest Fire seems like Sunniva settling into the bigger picture of a sound that is uniquely their own. Danniel Knight II’s singing truly carries this song as he reaches new heights in passion through his emotional tones. “its lifting me up the less that I fight -it fills my cup more when I smile” – “if nothing’s wrong ain’t nothing right – still I’m happy”

“Throwing Goldfish in the Sea” – The slowest track eases into a very controlled dimension of relaxation before gradually building into a faster tempo and entirely different feel. The unexpected change is brought forth primarily by the excellent lead guitar that is constantly jamming. The song wraps itself up in just enough time to leave you wanting to listen to it again. “well, everybody’s feeling the same – surf along the same crashing wave – your actors in a play, just actors in a play”

“Don’t Wander” – Propelled by the incredible finger-tapped bassline by Conner Knight creates a vibe that can only be expressed as very psychedelic indie that puts you in a complete trance. By this point the group is evolving into a totally synchronized laid-back groove machine but still maintains that surprising level of wonder that comes along with the vast and spacious sounds of reverb and delay; the kind that can only fully be appreciated with over the ear headphones on. Sunniva ends their latest EP with one of their strongest songs yet.


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