The Silhouette of Nude @ Cafe Nola – October 10, 2019

Every now and then Cafe Nola hosts some insanely special out of -town talent. This past Thursday was by far the craziest I have seen. You’re going to want to read the write-up/watch the video. Seriously. Do it.

The Silhouette of Nude – An amazing array of noise somehow comes together to create a fierce math-rock sound with tinges of metal and punk. Feedback, distortion, squeaks and anything imaginable are all embraced and make for a unique trashy vibe. Bouncing jams in various time signatures and tempos lead to very few repeating segments and that makes the sound as engaging as ever. Drums roll everywhere as bass chugs along or is tapped at an insane speed and guitar seemingly buzzes and breaks through. Each instrument is played with a hyper-proficiency.  An amazing band with the live presence and power of a lightning bolt… don’t miss them live if you have the chance to see them.


Author: whatisfrederick

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