(Review) Baughman Dynasty – It Will Ever Bubble Up If Thou Wilt Ever Dig

Frederick brothers Alex and Andrew Baughman (Baughman Dynasty) have released a new indie rock/alternative album entitled “It Will Ever Bubble Up If Thou Wilt Ever Dig”. I dove into the album for a track-by-track review.

“Jazz Age” – Upbeat steady drumming leads into a rhythmic electronic drum roll before the opening line “my love is just like the sea” is sung passionately and queues a wide open guitar track that settles into a muted-strum and later a dazzling reverb journey. The lyrics require closer attention than the easily-danceable feel good instrumental. Lines like “You’re a mirror to a nasty part of me, it’s not ’til after that I guess I tend to see” and “Education in our hands as jesters spin, more and more we’ll punish sin” are intriguing and create quite a vibe for the opening track.

“Gun In My Hand” – An electronic percussion loop backs a sliding guitar chord structure that inevitably builds intensely until it reaches the chorus. The catchy chorus vocal (“You gotta show me ’round your castle, before the (k)night comes to have his way, you gotta talk to me—though I’ve never seen a ghost, I’m willing to believe”) raises soulfully as light piano flourishes before the chorus crashes back into the verse through some amazing scattered drumming.

“Moderation Mountain” – This track is a perfect example of the group’s unique songwriting structure; it’s often unpredictable which makes each of the songs unique in their own way. The band almost never follows a typical verse-chorus pattern and even when they have repetitive sections they use different lyrics and/or instrumental parts. The highlights are definitely the irresistible sections that begin with “I can’t wait until we are in power” and the delightful indie guitar riff that follows the “Anything and everything, and traveling and coloring” lyrics.

“Conquistador” – Quirky drum fills follow spacious guitar, acoustic guitar makes its first distinguishable appearance and then everything heads into a very different and distinctive drum beat that dominates. “So blow a kiss along, how long will I be gone?.”

“My Halloween Frida” – An extremely proficient picked guitar part is delivered at a fast pace that matches an electronic drum pad sound. The guitar later excels into beautiful high notes along with the most heartfelt emotional singing on the album. Some of the powerful lyrics include, “How can I compete? She bathes with angels in the heat. Am I too earthbound for her taste? One of three who can give her what she needs.”

“Beauty is a Mess” – Perhaps my favorite thing about Baughman Dynasty is the inclusion of all sorts of different sounds (acoustic and electric drums/percussion, layered vast guitars, piano/keys and more). The fascinating lyrics continue: “Are you a believer? I’m a seesaw, I’m a seesaw. I’m a leaver.” Picked back and forth, the guitar jolts, drums and percussion continuously move forward through snare fills and a seamlessly smooth voice gradually impresses through soaring notes. “At least I heard you tell your story. I’ll put it with the rest. Isn’t beauty just a mess? Come and mess with me.”

“Smooch” – Alternative joy embraces the energy and direction of this song. The main guitar riff drives, the drum beats charge and comically elegant lyrics make the track stand out. “I’m an A-hole and you’re an astronaut. My hero! How much will you charge me as you tow me back to earth?” – “You’ve got that ’70s hair like an ABBA Wonder Woman” – “Lie me down, tell me true. Make me smile as I’ll make you.”

“Pop & Slim” – A slow airy feel makes for a great tune to listen to on over-the-ear headphones with eyes closed. Like many of the other Baughman Dynasty tracks, brilliant soundscapes pave the way to a surreal feeling.

“One Possible Answer” – The album ends on a gentle start. The unhurried beginning perpetually builds until the three minute mark (I’m above us, I’m above us, I can see for the first time”) and the song explodes into a mass of sound that’s lead by vigorously strummed guitar before coming to an unexpectedly faint ending. “Green light on my spending, got my muscles looking lean. But I’m afraid to hear “In Dreams”…”


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