Eve Larsh (Q+A)

Eve Larsh is a Waynesboro, PA musician that recently used music as the ultimate way to process the aftermath of coming out to their family as transgender. Their most recent EP entitled “Dreams” contains songs recorded on Eve’s phone all about the nightmares they had after coming out. I interviewed Larsh on their musical journey, coming out and the journey that followed.

Listen to the EP here!

Q: How long have you been a musician/writing songs?

A: I’ve been playing music forever. I probably started writing songs and playing out around 17 when I lived in Oklahoma.

Q: How would you describe your musical style?

A: That’s hard to pinpoint. My moods and tastes tend to change, so my music follows suit. My first record I was very into Nilsson and Randy Newman, so it’s very piano pop. My next record is more garage rock with very little piano, that’s currently in the post-production phase. While writing the songs of this EP, I was listening to a lot of early Leonard Cohen and the more acoustic Sufjan albums. So that was the mindset I was in musically.

Q: You’ve played a decent bit in Frederick, what were your reactions to the scene and community?

A: I love Frederick. Every show I’ve there played has been really great. Most of the other bands, some coming to mind are DoubleMotorcycle, daMood, Silent Old Mtns., have been really supportive. There’s a lot of good music and talented artists.

Q: Your most recent work is an emotional EP focusing on some heavy topics; coming out to your family as transgender and nightmares you’ve been having after following the decision. What made you decide to publicly write such deep songs?

A: One reason I released them is that they were cathartic to write. I’m probably not at the best place right now, so writing those songs was a way to take something very negative and turn it into something creative, which leaves me feeling more positive. Things aren’t the best right now, but if I can make my problems into some form of art, it makes me feel better. The other reason is that I think they are some of the better songs I’ve written. If I wrote some songs that personal that I thought weren’t very good, I probably wouldn’t have released them.

Q: The album is lo-fi (all recorded on your phone) how, if at all, do you think that impacts the message/tone of these songs?

A: Oh for sure. Part of the reason I kept it lo-fi I was inspired by my friend Sam who has a really great project called Gorpho. He had released a lo-fi EP, for the sake of getting into the habit of continually putting out music, and it’s great. That’s part of the reason. I also feel like sometimes stripping away production makes the songs hit deeper. One of my favorite records is Plastic Ono Band by John Lennon. His first solo album he kept it as bare bones as possible. The song “Isolation” in particular, it has very few tracks on it, but the lyrics and melody hit really hard.

Q: What have you learned the most from creating this new music and moving through a new chapter in your life?

A: I learned that sometimes people you think are close or family aren’t always supportive. Luckily most of my friends have totally stood behind me through my transition, which I’m really thankful for. This is going to be kind of a downer to say, but the songs were extremely painful to write. I wrote them all really fast, each one took me less than a half hour. They were gut reactions of what I was feeling, which was hurt.

Q: What advice would you give to other people who may be fearful of coming out?

A: If you’re LGBTQ, I encourage you to come out. I felt so much more confident and better about myself. Granted there’s some people who aren’t in my corner anymore, but being comfortable with who I am and finally getting to the real me is 100 percent worth it. If you’re afraid you’re going to lose some people, which to be honest you probably will, know that people who care about you will stick by you. Being able to love yourself is something I feel like everyone deserves.

Q: Anything you’d like to add?

A: I don’t have any gigs featuring my original music for a while or else I’d plug those. But I’m in a band called Vinyl Tap, we’re performing Abbey Road, Rumours, and Dark Side of the Moon in Waynesboro, PA. That’s at Main Street Park on August 24 at 7 pm.

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