Michelle Hannan & One Blue Night @ The Blue Side Tavern – August 16, 2019

Michelle Hannan & One Blue Night – Soulful classic country that’s insanely well executed with tid bits of bluesy sections. Michelle Hannan’s pitch perfect singing emulates tones full of heartbreak and perseverance as she strums along on acoustic guitar. A solid rhythm section drives the songs forward and pedal steel propels that vintage twang/swing. Jason Hannan (rolling bass and broad backing vocals) joked before one particularly sad song to “hide your ropes, belts and toilet seats.” Some entertaining heckling from musician Chris Smaha had the crowd and band engaged in some true honky tonk dialogue. Michelle Hannan & One Blue Night had one of their songs named in the top 25 independent country songs by a Nashville publication last year and they are most certainly a Frederick group you should see.


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