Gloop/New Mutants Vol. 1 Issue No. 87/Countersuits @ Little Amps Coffee Roasters (Harrisburg, PA)

Little Amps Coffee – Super cozy, quaint and just a cool spot.. Parking is easy and the vibe is super friendly and easy going. Fill up your water bottle or choose from a variety of coffee options. Concerts are hosted here every now and then- I first found out about the place when I almost went to a Lou Barlow show that happened a while back.

Countersuits – An indie blend that’s about as flexible as you can be. Harder hitting angsty songs and soft emo songs are interchanged. Great vocals with harmonies and even occasional screams, solid drumming, simple rhythmic bass and stellar strummed guitar with a primarily clean tone with just a bit of an edge.

Highlight – song about coming out

“And now because sad songs make me feel really vulnerable, we’re gonna play an angry song.”

New Mutants Vol. 1 Issue No. 87 – Prog rock jams mix with some post punk elements and a very 90s alternative vocal. It’s really hard to pin this band in a category and they don’t deserve one. Spoken word and other interspersed singing often leads the band into a different soundsphere as all the instruments collectively launch into a great noisy mess. Surprisingly heavy.

Held up a banner that said “fuck gender norms”.

Gloop – (Ex-Frederick now Baltimore) I’ve been trying to capture some Gloop footage for the site, but every time they were in or around Frederick I was at another show. This noise punk outfit is insanely energetic and destructive. I can’t get enough of “Tourist” and they have a new release in the works. The drive to Harrisburg was more than worth it to see the amazing sound this band has. Max slays the drums like no one I have ever seen, Blake has incredibly unique and punchy basslines and Dom’s inevitably high-pitched guitar shredding along with his screamy voice makes for the most bashful and fun music experience.


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