Frederick Jams July: Rozwell Kid, DoubleMotorcycle, Middle Kid & Soul Meets Body – July 27th, 2019

Soul Meets Body – “Get close and pretend this is warped tour and that we like warped tour.”

Upbeat emo with a tad bit of pop punk dominated by fuzzy bass, heavy rhythm guitar riffs with some technical guitar leads, fast flowing drums, and a powerful lead vocal (fierce when lower and magnificent when higher) along with backups that complete it all. The solid tempos leave the whole crowd bouncing along and the set charges on.

Middle Kid – Most solid set I have seen from the ideal indie rock outfit. Lots of new tunes make it seem like the next release will be something to look out for. Super solid drumming, simple driving guitars and a powerful and dynamic vocal. Frontman Zack Willis’ stage banter included lots of astrology dialogue, esteemed audiobook narrator Jim Dale and announcing a song he wrote for his girlfriend before jokingly playing the riff from Aerosmith’s “Walk This Way”.

DoubleMotorcycle – Joe Jalette drinking red bull on stage was enough evidence to know that the performance would be wild (Jalette always seems like he has a good bit of energy as it is). The madness was electrifying as shredded guitar solos ripped, drums were bashed and bass moved along with one of the most unique singing voices shouting at the crowd. A slowed down half of the song “Pyramid” before launching into its original sound was interesting and a change of pace for DoubleMotorcycle. “Lollipop” had everyone engaged along with the band’s ending song “Evil” in which drummer Colin McGuire put the microphone into the crowd for people to sing along, even putting it in my face to do a few Woo’s. It was a special moment.

Kaitlyn Makers delivered an impromptu speech before introducing Rozwell Kid. She explained her position with New Spire (now coming to an end), her mission and goals for the Frederick Jams shows that she made possible and expressed her gratitude. The crowd roared in appreciation of her efforts as it was clear that an indoor all ages concert space for local original music in Frederick finally exists, even if only for one more night.

Rozwell Kid – What can I say? Ask any involved musician/music lover in Frederick about Rozwell Kid and chances are you’ll find them ranting about how incredible they are. The band has played some really special shows in Frederick and I had the opportunity of seeing two in the past, including the legendary album release house show for “Precious Art”. Indie rock doesn’t get finer than Rozwell Kid with their honest jams that are as silly as they are emotional. The on stage energy and moves make for a fun night full of laughs and rock.

It was clear from the crowd’s reaction that most people knew how special this concert was for Frederick. Everyone in attendance seemed to give off a very positive vibe at the end of the show. I felt hope in the air and it’s something that the music community hasn’t felt in a long while. Thank you, Kaitlyn Makers… from all of us.


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