Final Frederick Jams Preview

by Roy Ghim

The last Frederick Jams show is here – like tonight with doors opening at 7pm. While stoked for this show, the future of New Spire Stages, just as it opened doors a few months ago, is still uncertain. For now, since the Frederick News Post inexplicably didn’t preview the show (how about a curated THINGS TO DO IN FREDERICK in the 72 Hours section), we’ll take this.

The bands and approximate set times: Soul Meets Body 8pm/ Middle Kid 8:40 / Double Motorcycle 9:30 and Rozwell Kid closes this out starting 10:15. Let’s get this out of the way: it is called Frederick Jams, but 2 out of 4 bands hail from Frederick. Soul Meets Body and Rozwell Kid aren’t Frederick based but they get a pass. Rozwell Kid -based in West Virginia – is close enough that we’ll call them our own. They’ve also been the subject of epic (a word I try not to overuse for maximum impact) shows in Frederick over the past several years, playing the first 200 East Art Haus show and a semi-secret album release party at the DIY house venue Slayground. Frederick Jams curator Kaitlyn Makers once again has battled heaven and earth with only a shoestring budget, through terrifying bureaucracy, and several bewildered New Spire board members who wondered why this should be an all ages show in putting on the entire 3 part series – concluding with this show tonight. After that – her Americorp time with New Spires ends.

Stoked because I’m finally getting a chance to see the revamped Middle Kid.

Double Motorcycle has been prolific as usual – another chance to see the band kick out X2motorcycle existential jams.

As far as Rozwell Kid, enuf said on seeing them in a proper sound/light/venue setting. Frederick hasn’t been lit up in a while but tonight Rozwell Kid is in town – and you’d best be sure –Frederick gonna get lit.

Which brings us back to the future again – taking a look at the calendar of New Spire Stages – one would think there would be a TON of events, seeing how it just had it’s grand opening in January. Lots of music/performing arts/art house cinema…and when you visit the actual calendar its —wait for it — it’s blank. Other than Frederick Jams, after July 27 — nada/blank/empty (thanks to Frederickland Instagram for bringing this to the public’s attention). There’s a lot of weeds to get into why this is so, but for the moment, the mood I get when I walk into Stages is one of uncertainty, of confusion, and demoralization from the skeleton staff, survivors of what was a proud and diverse organization that’s now operating in the ether. Maybe that will change. I certainly hope so. But perhaps New Spires is yet another parallel Frederick logo fiasco in motion. That’s your downer of the moment –switch that up- tonight you will go in and enjoy a goddamn good show and maybe even wonder why this venue isn’t being properly utilized.

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