Daryl Campbell – Jukebox (Album Review)

“Jukebox” is the most recent release from Frederick musician Daryl Campbell.

The title track “Jukebox” instantly transcends the listener with spacious keys, light guitar, a funky bassline that grooves, drums that move and an electronic vibe that’s full of depth. When the vocals kick in you get a disco feel with some soul. Lyric hooks follow the rhythm and are quite catchy leading into the fun chorus: “I wanna do it, I wanna groove it… jukebox.”

The second song “Our Love Was Strong” contains a spoken word dialogue introduction and some street noises. Once set in some sweet saxophone is by far what makes everything shine. A vintage R&B feel/influence demands your attention and is surprisingly well executed.

“Freaky” is the most engaging listen through insanely fun percussive vibes, luscious 80s synth vibes and an infectious melody. It channels Rick James funk with a mild jazzy approach that comes off like a watered down Weather Report with some classic hip hop edging its way in. The hilariously inventive lyrics make for a super fun listen. Here’s what I heard through the slightly under the mix vocals: “Day to day say she’s in love when she plays a game, say she’s making muffins – she’s baking in the oven – she’s honey glazin’, lace it with some lovin’”

“Blow Ya Mind” is a dancey dream with its WAH pedal guitar that’s doused in spacious effects. All the elements come together in this one to make it an instant classic. A simple rhyme in the pre-chorus would definitely make for an addictive audience participation chant live. “It’s so good you’re all mine, it’s so good you blow my mind.” A ripping guitar solo that’s doubled (acoustic and electric) has the tracks just slightly delayed from each other making for a hazy jam section.

“Jiggy” contains the ultimate Jamiroquai goodness. An insanely brilliant bassline dominates, synth is interlaced and the vocals are contagious as a low register baritone harmony gives off reminders of Barry White and other sultry voices.

Check out the album on soundcloud at: https://soundcloud.com/daryltron


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