Caustic Casanova @ Café 611 – July 20, 2019

Caustic Casanova is a band with nearly fifteen years of experience in the DC area. The group recently relocated to Frederick (check out a recent interview with bassist Francis Beringer here) and starts an extensive summer tour beginning on August 7th.

I was lucky enough to catch a rare Frederick show, but this band is certainly worth a drive/trip to Baltimore or DC.

It was a special occasion (Ron Fezzy McGinnis’ birthday bash – also labeled his Festival 50th birthday party and Franfest XXXV). McGinnis’ had a long history with CC dating all the way back to their first Frederick show at Krug’s in 2009.


“50 years ago we landed on the moon. The world is a pretty cool place with awesome people. It’s not such a cruel world after all.” – Bassist Francis Beringer explained before launching into an epic cover of Black Sabbath’s “Wicked World”.

CC delivered one of the most incendiary sets I’ve seen in a while.

A certain heaviness is displayed throughout each of the songs through the insanely fuzzy/distorted guitar and bass tones. Insanely executed prog-rock sections speed up their metal-ish persona. Distinct vocals that rock on top of everything come from Beringer and chaotically balanced drummer Stefanie Zaenker.

The band’s energy is absolutely ravaging and has the crowd headbanging and bouncing along to the seamlessly tight rhythms. Each of the members dominate through their stage moves that have clearly been honed throughout their years of playing.

Caustic Casanova is band you MUST make it out to see.


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