ilyAIMY @ Sky Stage – July 13, 2019


This band is extremely versatile, incredibly skilled and uniquely diverse genre-wise. Didgeridoo, tribal drumming (hand drums and cymbals), gloomy acoustic or wild electric guitar with EBow, strings, keyboard and a great live sound gives way to lots of dynamics within a style that’s very much their own; reflecting influences from indigenous tunes along with dark and edgy folk numbers, the band ultimately provides the most interesting in-your-face blend of rock through whatever direction they choose for any given song.

Half of the band members switch instruments throughout different sections and it’s mind-boggling how they’re all so multi-talented. The same goes for the band vocally as three different lead singers take turns on vocal duties… all of them have amazing voices that are equally distinguishable – this also reflects in each of their songwriting styles.

One song had me write the following: Fiery vocals full of passion channel themselves through dark vibes chordwise and with a low tuned guitar and thick male vocals through growls/throat singing mesh with female backing support that’s direct and clear. All of this makes the band an unstoppable driving force.

As if you didn’t already think the band seems like the furthest thing from ‘typical”, two of the members rocked kilts on stage. You may also find it fascinating that the most successful piece of merch ilyAIMY sells is a cookbook. They went on to explain, “we don’t have any for sale, but the way to win over our hearts is by telling us we sound awesome and making us a recipe from our own cookbook.”

Another aspect that can’t be overlooked is the group’s complex and intriguing song topics. The most touching and emotionally raw track came from the female singer who presented a tale of depression about finding ways to process and overcome your own demons. A young couple danced passionately outside of Sky Stage to the song as they locked eyes and embraced the beautiful night and wonderful music under the stars.


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