Frederick Jazz Festival @ Carroll Creek – June 29, 2019

Jazz fest was super chill and laid back. Now in its third year, the event should most certainly continue on and be successful.

Being able to enter and exit through the day is a huge plus at this sort of thing. Unlike other shows I have seen on the creek, this one had the whole crowd watching and enjoying the music. It was a refreshing feeling. It’s a shame when an uninterested or disengaged crowd ruins a show for you and this was the complete opposite; Just a ton of music lovers.

The festival featured a few tents from places such as: Rockwell Brewery and Wander CBD (New CBD store downtown).

Aggie Brown III- Michael Preston (bass) Corey Howard (guitar) – soulful and transcendent jamming from high pitched guitar loaded with chorus/echo, dynamic and fluent bass and rhythmic diversity on drums with fills that follow everything.

Eric Byrd Trio – Soothing voice, flowing keys, rolling stand up bass and light percussive additions. Bluesy numbers with fun crowd participating dialogue. Byrd even gave Walkersville a shout out. “Moving way out of town to somewhere like walkersville”

“Love Like Rain” – a beautiful original tune with a great arrangement and touching lyrics sung soulfully.

“Fragile” by Sting was a super interesting and well executed cover.

Scott Ambush – One of the most acclaimed musicians native to Frederick. He’s Grammy-nominated and has played with so many legends (as well as being in Spyro Gyra). Phenomenal bass all around through insanely technical yet natural and grooving basslines and solos. His band follows his lead and excels whereas others would be trying their best just to keep up with Ambush.


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