Frederick Food Truck Festival – June 29, 2019

Food truck fest had a stunning crowd turnout. The incredibly hot day didn’t stop people from coming out. The event noted that after all was said and done that there were some issues (mainly the long lines) to be addressed but ultimately this event seems like it will become an annual staple.

Blue Heaven – Blue Heaven sounds amazing in what is one of their final Frederick shows. Through a big sound system the group is electrified and more than ever you can see why they’re taking things to a different level by moving to Austin. This time a cover of The Killers’ “When We Were Young” was a surprising and well-received addition. A storm with a gust of wind rolled in cutting the band’s set slightly short as a cloud of dust seemed to take everyone by surprise.

Paris Price – Booming beats with raps that blast through a solid voice with the utmost dominance. Catchy hooks and instrumentals follow a straightforward lyrical flow that’s easy to bop to.

Samuel Powers – Dressed all in Hawaiian shirts and featuring leis on stage, the band delivered it’s catchy blend of pop punk with brilliant vocal hooks and dominating instrumentals that are fast and fierce. The set featured a rowdy cover of All American Rejects’ “Dirty Little Secret”. “We’ve been Samuel Powers and we always will be till we break up and then we’ll just be 5 guys.”


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