Time Columns/The Fun Boys/Luna/Storms of September @ New Spire Stages – June 22, 2019

I really had a blast at this frederick local dominated show. I was singing along to originals, covers and just rocking out. I LOVE NEW SPIRE STAGES.

Be sure to make the next Frederick jams event: July 27th – Rozwell Kid, DoubleMotorcycle, Middle Kid, and Soul Meets Body.

Storms of September – Frederick Rock School band. Alternative rock/metal sludge from distorted guitar and bass with a grungey voice and feel. Everything is heavy, especially the solid drumming. A raspy voice is reminiscent of a Chris Cornell type but has some subtle low register differences. Their original songs are a bit trashy, doomy and most definitely gloomy and angsty through the vocals and lyrics. Two solid singers have matching voices but are different in their own way like a lot of amazing 90s bands (take Buffalo Tom, for instance). New Spire Stages’ setup along with the lights for this band really had the space conveying a special energy; It may also be the fact that I have such a soft spot for grunge/90s inspired music. Storms of September gained a fan forever in me when they threw out a cover of the Foo Fighters’ “I’ll Stick Around” from the incendiary first album.

Luna – An amazing voice full of power and depth reverberates in the incredibly honest and simplistic songs that always reel you in. The dark blue lighting highlighted Luna’s bright hair. Infectious songs by a great modern indie singer-songwriter. The melodies, chords and catchy emotional lyrics concoct the perfect formula for pop pleasure. “Pride is every day. Support people. Support humans.” A new song was delivered that was spacey and transcendent; truly a song full of sonic depth from its reverb finger picked guitar (like a chill down your spine) and deep storytelling lyrics along with a shattering vocal that builds consistently until the song reaches its fragile end. The set ended on a rousing cover of Danzig’s “Mother” which Luna forgot the first line to, but the crowd helped her along and was totally supportive of the mistake making the experience a collaboration of sorts.

The Fun Boys – I always have to reinvent the way I write about this band because I think this is the (7th?) time I’ve covered them. This would be a problem for a lot of other acts, but The Fun Boys’ sporadic and wild mix of blazing rock, dry humor and pure insanity make it easy on me.

The band is as tight as ever with their blend of mayhem that’s somewhere in between a retro-inspired comedic act and a fascinating art rock band. The crowd was ecstatic and the band’s energy is always insanely contagious.

A Fun Boys show is half music, half insane on-stage conversations. “Give it up for H20. Oh yes, you people in the back look like water people even though I can’t see you” – Colin.
The band’s lyrics consist of gems such as: “don’t think you’re ready for this spaghetti” and “kissed my dad on the lips”.

Luna contributed some extra vocals on the cowbell-dominated monster of a song that is “Malte Shop.” It was a rad time.

If you haven’t already, you seriously need to see The Fun Boys for yourself. If you think you somehow wouldn’t have the time of your life unexpectedly singing along to “Hey Jude” as an outro to The Fun Boys’ original song “Snakes” with the rest of an awesome crowd, you’d be sorely mistaken, pal.

P.S. it never gets old when one of your favorite humans shouts you out on stage… It makes everything worthwhile. Thanks, Sam.

Time Columns – So psyched to finally cover this math rock magic. I absolutely love when these guys peek their heads back into Frederick music after a bit of a hiatus. Math rock that’s super accessible with it’s beautiful tones through looped guitar harmonics, pounding drums and driving and melodic bass. The songs carry with the utmost force emotionally and musically. These dudes know how to write and perform some rocking and contagious instrumental jams. The band consists of musical powerhouses who all have amazing endeavors in their own right: Kenny Eaton (operates Mystery Ton Studios), Jordan Miller (amazing filmmaker/GypsyCab Studios) and Stefan Sandman (musician virtuoso in numerous bands – see Half Heard Voices).


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