The Milestones/Natalie Brooke & The Band @ Café Nola – June 21, 2019

Natalie Brooke – Funky/soulful jams driven by organic and flowing key playing with highly skillful solos, grooving bass, shuffling/steady drums, clean and dynamic guitar with felt out picked parts/wide chords and a pleasing female vocal always on pitch and at just the right volume and tone for each song. The band perfectly captures open and airy vibes (dreamy summer days) as well as dancey tight sections that gel in a consistent flow. A jazz fusion aftertaste. The end of the set contained a lively and fun cover of Rick James’ “Give It To Me Baby”

The Milestones (Baltimore) – Primarily upbeat anthems with shouted/yelled lyrics. Two guitars drive on classic indie leads and riffs, the bass booms and the drums bash. A blend of 3 singing voices (2 in the same sort of vein (heartfelt with a dash of rasp). The band is energetic rock with a variety of influences from the 90s and early 2000s. You might find hints of RHCP soul/funky basslines, straightforward bops, folky Kings of Leon sort of songs or more felt out jams – all that said, you’ll definitely find a certain heaviness. At the front of the stage and in front of the table I was sitting at was a very passionate fan who kicked his foot on the floor harder than anyone I’ve ever seen (shaking everything around him) so I guess you could say The Milestones keep the crowd’s interest and engage them through making them want to stomp their feet.


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