(Review) – Plantface releases debut single “World Gone Crazy”

Frederick pop punk/rock band Plantface released their debut single “World Gone Crazy” on June 14th. The band (Bassist/singer Kathi Witkowski, guitarist Skinz, and drummer Howie Sommers) performed some local shows over the past year and a half and are scheduled to release a seven song EP in the future.

Review: A simple distorted bassline starts as drums count in on the hi hat and a fast ferocious guitar lead comes in to take things up a notch. The song evolves into a contemporary punk vibe driven by an angsty female vocal that’s as clean sounding (especially through harmonies) as it is dirty. The band self-desrbies the lyrics as “frenzied and hectic” both are true, no doubt… A sample of lyrics: “I forgot what I wanted to say but you weren’t listeing anyway” “So many things I wanna talk about, you make me always have to scream and shout.. in a world gone crazy, a world I don’t know if we can save” “You wanna tell me what to do, well tell me who the fuck are you?” Chanted “hey”’s break in between the incredibly proficient and ripping guitar solo and a catchy vocal line follows the outro. A solid punk rock jam with just the right dose of pop through its catchy chorus.

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