Spinner’s Pinball/Future Sound – June 15, 2019

So if you haven’t been to Spinners Pinball Arcade yet.. What are you waiting for? Pinball, vintage video games, beer… What more could you want?

Spinners is $10 per person or $30 for family – unlimited play! I have spent so much time in here since I first visited for 106.9’s “Pinball Wizard” contest to win Who tickets.

A great deal and great fun. Pinball, Pac Man, Sega or my personal favorite: DIG DUG + So much more!

If you need another reason to check this place out, do so when the amazing electronic music provided by Future Sound is there. Future Sound’s facebook bio: “Future Sound is a monthly event that presents a wide variety of regional electronic music talent in a chill social environment. Each month is a little bit different, with fresh new guest DJs and live acts rotating in to mix things up. Established in 2011, Future Sound is one of the east coast’s longest-running monthly electronic music events.”


Author: whatisfrederick

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