Junior Brown @ Rams Head On Stage – June 6, 2019

Rams Head on Stage immerses you in the live music experience. You can hear dialogue from audience members clear as day and that makes for a truly connected experience to whatever musician band you’re seeing at the venue.

The show began with a classy introduction by Brown’s band as he walked on stage.

The first two songs (“Broke Down South of Dallas” and “Party Lights”) were brilliantly executed and set the impressive mood that would carry on throughout the night.

Junior Brown’s trademark low baritone voice and his masterful playing of the guit-steel make him an underrated virtuoso. He throws in clever/recognizable guitar pieces in the middle of songs or solos that are just amazing.

The hilarious “Lifeguard Larry was well-received to many laughs from the witty lyrics.

“Here’s one that did well a few years ago.. well more than a few. Some of you might know it, some have never heard of it.” – The ever classic “My Wife Thinks You’re Dead”

Brown’s dry humor engaged the crowd as he recollected his upbringing as an “Old Annapolis Boy”- mentioning that he went to Germantown Elementary school.

“I Hung It Up”- Amazing upbeat guitar playing as Brown emulates the honk of a car horn with his guitar volume pedal. It was a dazzling performance on all levels.

Slower country ballads were just as entertaining and moving as the faster rocking numbers. Brown’s versatile band provided melodic upright bass, rhythmic acoustic guitar and on-the-dot drumming.

“Deep in the heart of me” song off his latest album that’s only “getting older”

“Here’s one that took us off hamburger and put us on steak – said Brown on the brilliant and sppedy “Highway Patrol”

Brown introduced his wife of 31 years (Tanya) as a pretty good picker and singer too before she sang an amusing rendition of the song “Handyman”

Jimmy Jacobs, A local friend who played in bands with Brown over the years sat in on keys. The addition added to the blues rock tunes they played

Within Brown’s incredible set of skills he is able to bend genres and perform nearly all of them well or mix a wide range of different styles into a single song. Country, Surf, Jazz, Blue, etc. are all Brown’s forte. A prime example was performances of covers from a blues guitar legend like Albert King as well as a classic country by Ernest Tubb.

Junior and his wife dug up an old song of his (“You Inspire Me”) and made a duet out of it which really spotlighted how the couple shines together and remains ever passionate about music and being in love.

The ever diverse set closed out on Brown’s impressive surf medley (“Pipeline / Walk Don’t Run / Secret Agent Man”) which Brown took some time to reflect on.. Speaking of his love for bands like The Ventures when he was young, who he later was able to play shows with. “I’ve been so fortunate to have played with so many country and rock and roll legends” Brown said.

After thunderous applause, Brown and his band arrived back on stage. “We just came back to move some equipment” Brown jokes.

The encore began with the songs from Brown’s first 45 RPM record: “Gotta Get Up Every Morning” and “Too Many Nights in a Roadhouse”

“I think I invented air guitar… this was before The Beatles”

“Don’t leave, mister, we’ll be done in a minute” – Brown heckling an audience member leaving the show early.

“My Baby Don’t Dance To Nothing But Ernest Tubb” – first song from album in 1989 – a truly delightful and heartfelt tune.

The night ended on the comical “Hang Up and Drive” which was full of social media puns (they always sound funnier coming from someone in an older generation) – “Your twitter is giving me the jitters” – “Your pinterest is of no interest” – The overlying message of the song is too relatable in this day and age and more people need to learn to put down their phone when driving.

Brown’s nearly two and a half hour show displayed how grateful he was for his hometown crowd and it left everyone in awe.


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