Sweet Something @ Carroll Creek – June 2, 2019

Sweet Something– (DC) Incredible four piece band that delivers the perfect retro blend of light jazz. The group provides subtle vocals with insane control and beautiful emotion/soul, dynamic stand-up bass, laid-back in the pocket drums and perfectly executed keyboard. The crowd is impressed and dazzled by each instrument’s solo sections and captivated by singer Ariana Harbin who encourages the crowd to clap after each solo. Harbin’s giggly persona is intoxicating as she says to the crowd, “I can be at your wedding. Well, the band can perform at your wedding. I’m single too so I guess we could get married. I don’t bite… often.”  My favorite performance was their rendition of “Ain’t Misbehavin’ (I’m Savin’ My Love for You)”


Author: whatisfrederick

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