Silent Old Mtns. @ Sky Stage – June 1, 2019

Silent Old Mtns. – Silent Old Mtns. are indie, a tinge folky and always provide a rocking cathartic journey full of emotional and lyrical depth in each song. Reverby guitars and vocals add fields of sound as the bass and drums punch and lead. Songs can often be deceiving as slow ballady verses evolve into mega rock explosions.

Singer/guitarist Andrew Bromhal notes how he makes mistakes every Silent Old Mtns. show, especially forgetting lyrics and jokingly mentions that he’ll point out every time he messes up at this show (which he does – it becomes a funny recurring bit with the crowd).

This may have been the most packed I have ever seen sky stage (it was to capacity), and for good reason. The bleachers were filled and folding chairs had to be placed on the right side of the ground. I saw Sky Stage organizer Maura Kenny Parrott mouth the words “oh boy” when two more attendees arrived to see the shows and she had to accommodate a place for them to sit. It’s one of the best feelings to see Sky Stage be so successful after watching its growth over the last few years.

Two songs at this Silent Old Mtns. performance really stood out to me: “Ash and Bone” and “Submarines”.

“Ash and Bone” is a funky number with a dominating bassline, a snare marching beat that carries, soulful keyboard with organ undertones and catchy lyrics with passion and raw energy.

“Submarines” was a new song that instantly got stuck in my head through it’s animated vibes and upbeat feel – it’ll be a standout on the new album for sure – a cool rhythmic floor tom beat was my favorite part of the song.

Guitarist Joe Jalette threw party poppers (AKA as bang snaps(?)… who knew there were so many names for them?) at the ground during the set. This off the wall behavior was funny, but also ended up being ironically coincidental when fireworks in the sky we’re heard/went off two songs before the end of the Mtns. set.

Bromhal recalled the strange way the Mtns. formed when he asked members Pat Acuna and Thom Huenger to play in a band with him… they both rejected the offer… until Bromhal told them he had a show booked at the Ottobar and they agreed to play.

This show became one for the books when a marriage proposal took place (see video) between two very special Silent Old Mtns. fans.

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