Mr. Husband w/ Jim Shorts @ Café Nola – June 1, 2019

Mr. Husband– Started off with an acoustic set, noting he would come back with his band later in the night to woo the audience with their soft rock till the wee hours of the morning. He began acoustically with a rendition of “Stone Cold Killer” off his latest cassette tape (

“I’m Kinny Husband, but that’s Mr. Husband 2 u.”

An audience member shouted, “Be my husband” and Kinny replied “I’m happily married but thank you for the offer you handsome one.”

Mr. Husband’s trademark long hair, sunglasses and red white and blue headband look he dons whilst drinking from a tall summer beach cup is delightful and hilarious.

The acoustic set was filled with interesting and engaging covers and humour as he noted the names of each artist he was covering. “This one is by the late great Hank Williams Sr. who wrote “ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL?!” – Mr. Husband.

A cover of The Beatles’ “I Will” was executed beautifully with his silky voice and on pitch singing.

Kinny remarked, “This next song was written by another hotshit popstar who I think is on tour with Lizzo… George Jones. I believe he was last seen riding his lawnmower.” before performing Jones’ “She Thinks I Still Care”.

Mr. Husband played one more acoustic number as he announced that Jim Shorts would come up to play a few songs from his upcoming album. -“This one’s from an up and coming artist named Elvis Presley”

Jim Shorts delivered an unexpected acoustic set of three songs from his upcoming album. All of them seemed to be the heartfelt introspective and honest songs I’m used to from his music. Jim Shorts is an indie daydream and acoustically the songs present themselves as tangible stories/experiences.

Once with his band Mr. Husband delivered on the promise of soft rock that wooed the audience. The group delivered spacey and clean guitar tone, dynamic bass and subtle in the pocket drumming.

“Just A Little Bit” was by far my favorite song performance – full of raw emotion and beautiful high vocal notes, though my favorite Mr. Husband song is definitely the irresistibly perfect “Cookie Pie”.

“One that’s been particularly good to me and the boys” – a recurring phrase before each song with the band that you can’t help but lose yourself in laughter every time you hear Mr. Husband’s tone while speaking it.

Mr. Husband’s goal is always to transcend to the fourth dimension – “live it up and get loose on a Saturday night.” – The crowd passes around the lighted energy orb to anyone who seems like they aren’t transcending to the fourth dimension.

Before Mr. Husband ended the night he proposed that we should always “use the power of all our hearts together by sharing good feelings of friendship and wonderment.”


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