Sunniva/The Fun Boys @ Area 31 – May 31, 2019

Sunniva – Lively, dancey, and funky music for a mellow party. Psychedelic indie with many influences but the songs all have similar feels aside from the light solo/jam sections that often extend the songs into another dimension. The band played a song from their first two EPs (the most recent of which you can find a review of here) as well as some new songs which showcased the band’s evolution/new direction. One song included a killer bass riff – all of them had different layouts/formats that don’t follow their typical pattern/feel which was refreshing and revealed a new sound/side to the band.

The Fun Boys – The Fun Boys have seemingly become the band that I end up seeing the most (line-up wise) in my quest to cover as diverse a range of bands as possible. No complaints here though as I would willingly see the band every day of the week if I could. – Unexpectedly fast and fierce rock that contains twisted 60s pop vibes, punk psychedelia, soulful piano ballads and tops it all off with chaotic noise. This time the group’s spontaneous humour included the discussion of drummer Colin Shultzaberger’s new Fitbit, ankle bracelets/anklets and a wild performance of a Mentos jingle.


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